Large Pendants & Kukui Necklaces
$25.00 + Shipping
Item: NL6

Customizable Guam Seal pendant with choice of plain brown or black Kukui nut necklace
Pendants are Mahogany (dark color) or Alder (medium color)
Kukui Necklaces with additional shells are not avialable online.
Guam Seal Pendants = 4.5 inches tall by 3 inches wide
Kukui Necklace = 30 inches

Circular Pendants are 3.5 inches in diameter

below are for the rearview mirror
4.5 inches in diameter

Pendants & Necklaces
$10.00 + Shipping
Item: NL1

Choose any pendant with choice of brown or black coco bead necklace
Pendants are Mahogany (dark color) or Alder (medium color)
multi-color bead necklaces are not available online.

For example the hooks are alder, the turtle and latte stones are mahogany

Here are Latte Stone pendants you can choose from

Here are Turtle pendants you can choose from

Examples of other island flavors!

Note on Sinahi Necklaces

Completely customizable
Available Shapes:
Traditional crescent moon shape or Triangular shape

Available Styles: Rounded or Box type

Overall length is also customizable
Recommended sizes. If your neck is
skinny - 18 inches
average - 20 inches
large - 22 inches
extra large - 24 inches

However, it also depends on how you like to wear it.
Some like it snug, others like it to hang low.

Available length of the Sinahi itself is from 3 to 6 inches.

Sinahi Necklace
$20.00 + Shipping
Item: NL2

Available with or without engraving
Hard Maple wood a.k.a. "Rock Wood"

Purple Heart Sinahi Necklace
$35.00 + Shipping
Item: NL2PH

Available with or without engraving
Purple Heart wood

Sample below is birch wood with engraving

Various Sinahi examples

completely customizable

Top 3: Purple Heart
4th: Honduras Mahogany
5th: Hard Maple
6th & 7th: Birch
Bottom: Honduras Mahogany

Below are samples that are complete with one of the various options of beads we have

Latte Stone Necklace
Jatoba Wood
$15.00 + Shipping
Item: NL3

completely customizable

"GUAM" Fish Hook Necklace
Jatoba Wood
$15.00 + Shipping
Item: NL6

completely customizable

Coconut Shell (Haiguas) Necklace
$10.00 + Shipping
Item: NL4

1 inch wide by 1.25 inch tall
completely customizable

Colored I.D. Tags
$8.00 + Shipping
Item: NL5

completely customizable
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Purple
(Chain is included)

Shell Necklace Pendant
$10.00 + Shipping
Item: NL7

completely customizable
2 inches in diameter

The black pendant below on the right is 1.625 inches in diameter
and is made of carabao horn