Mahogany End Table

I made this from scrap wood
The top is from a wood recycler
the legs are scraps from a cabinet maker up the street
and the aprons are from a bed trundle that was thrown away.
Top is 21 inches by 13 inches and the table is 22 inches tall.

Mahogany Triangle Shelf

71 inches tall, 51 inches at the base, 14 inches deep
The shelves are from a single 14 foot by 13 inch wide board
the legs are more scraps from the cabinet maker up the street
and the I-beam shelf supports are from a bed trundle that was thrown away.

Shoe Rack & Shelf

The case is MDF
Moulding is Old Growth Douglas Fir
Interior shelves and face trim is bamboo
2 feet tall, 14 inches deep, 52 inches long.

Mahogany Hall Table

Still in progress - this is just the top piece
Started out with a solid chunk of wood
16 inches wide, 8 feet long, 2.5 inches thick.
The top will be 5ft6in long by 15 inches wide.

Projects in Afghanistan

I also included some of the practical furniture I made for the guys and girls in my unit. Furniture was virtually unavailable down there and you had to request it to be made by the civilian contractors which would have taken weeks. Lumber was free for the asking. All I had was a tape measure, a speed square, a couple speed clamps, a circular saw, and an 18v drill. Everything was held together with screws or nails.